PEOPLE was founded in early 2014 by Ron Unterreiner, VP Business Development for Rhodey Construction.

PEOPLE is a non-funded, non-profit, non-organization established for the primary purpose of introducing the minority contracting community to the majority contracting community.  PEOPLE is among other things, a focused networking event allowing minority contractors to mix it up with General Contractors, majority subcontractors, professional organizations and owners and get to know each other and ultimately to work together on meaningful commercial construction projects in the St. Louis marketplace.  There is never a fee for attending a PEOPLE meeting and there is no requirement for registration and the meeting is open for all people having an interest in design and construction.  If you even remotely think you have an interest in attending, you should come to a PEOPLE meeting.  We want to meet you and we want to know your interests and we want to know how we may help to grow your business.

Meeting are held typically on the second Tuesday of the month—or as announced–and the meeting place of choice is Hillsdale Fabricators–the former headquarters building of Alberici–located at 2150 Kienlen in Wellston.  Other meeting venues are selected throughout the year and will be announced through the PEOPLE distribution list.  To have a spot on the mailing list simply e-mail Ron Unterreiner at PEOPLEofconstruction@gmail.com.

PEOPLE is supported by diversity contacts within Alberici, SM Wilson, Clayco, McCarthy, Paric, Tarlton, Rhodey Construction, EM Harris, ACW Alliance, HBD, BSI, Musick, Korte, KAI, Simms Building Group and many other General Contractors, majority subcontractors and owners.

PEOPLE has been recognized for its work with Minority Contractors through the Construction Forum Group; Mayor St. Louis City; County Exec of ST. Louis County; St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers; MOKAN; Youth and Family Center; and St. Louis Lambert Airport Authority.